Jagan's Big Help For KCRIT industry-induced economy is the backbone of Telangana. With COVID and Work From Home, the economy is disturbed and the revenues have decreased.

Since the second wave, the Telangana government has been trying its level best to push the companies to get the employees back to the offices. Then, the third wave has come.

It has intensified its efforts recently and a few offices have opened from April first week.

But still, many employees are yet to report to work.

But then, there is a drastic improvement in attendance in the last couple of weeks.

Due to massive power cuts in Andhra Pradesh, employees who are working from home are coming back to Hyderabad and are returning to offices.

Until recently, companies could not force the employees because the work is not impacted even though they are not coming to offices.

Employees used that as a bargain chip with their manager. But it is no longer the case now.

Something which the government and companies could not do, Jagan‘s administration has achieved.

In a way, KCR should thank Jagan for this help.