The postmortem analyses of YSR Congress is unearthing bizarre facts. A three committee reviewed performance of the party in Kadapa and leaders revealed several issues with the party and the leadership. According to them, one should bribe Jagan’s personal security to get his appointment or else they are made to wait for several hours. They complained that even constituency in-charges are finding it to meet Jagan forget about common public.

Even the elected MLAs complained that Jagan is not available to them after elections and this is highly frustrating for cadre.They suggested that Jagan should be available in every district headquarters for 2-3 days for every 3 months. They also said that it is high time the party give preferences to all castes rather than filling up all party positions with Reddys. They also clearly said that unless YS Jagan mend his way the party can not sustain in the long run.