TDP Spokes person Syed Rafi - YS Jagan Swimming Pool SchemeCash-strapped Andhra Pradesh is focusing more on welfare schemes and is ignoring the infrastructure. As a result, the roads in Andhra Pradesh are very bad and with the rainy season on set, motorists are bracing up for hell on roads.

The Newspapers everyday are carrying pictures of the roads badly damaged in various parts of the state. Telugu Desam Party Spokesperson Saeed Rafi came hard on the Government and questioned why investors would come to Andhra Pradesh seeing the roads in such worst condition.

“We can not stop wondering if the badly battered roads be named Jagananna Swimming Pools scheme in the state,” he ridiculed referring to the water Pools on roads due to rains. The roads problem of Andhra Pradesh is not just about the lack of funds.

Contractors across the state are reluctant to take up works in Andhra Pradesh since the Government is known for sitting on bills for months and even years. As a result, tenders called for many works evoked no response.