Guntur-RoadsAndhra Pradesh has the worst roads in the country. The roads in the state were pathetic with no maintenance for the last three years showing hell to the commuters.

Whenever there is pressure on the government, the Chief Minister conducts a review meeting and asks the officials to take up repairs on a war footing.

In the last such review meeting, Jagan set the target of July 15th to repair all roads but nothing changed as such in the state.

Eenadu today published a photo of a road in Guntur city with huge craters.

The picture has gone viral on social media and people are mocking it as Jagananna Swimming Pools Kanuka.

Monsoons are here in both the Telugu states and there can be no road works for the next couple of months or so.

That we are going to have more of the Jagananna Swimming Pools Kanuka in the coming days.