Jagananna Sticker Costs More Than The ProductYSR Congress Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju is continuing to fight against the Government via media and Twitter. This time, he has targeted what he calls Jagan’s Self-Publicity. He has posted a picture of Chikki given to the school children as a part of the mid-day meal.

The Chikki has packaging (wrapper) with CM Jagan Mohan Reddy‘s photo and the scheme name as ‘Jagananna Gorumudddha’. Further, the packing is in blue and green colors – the official colors of the YSR Congress party.

“Photo and party color mania reached peaks! ‘జగనన్న గోరు ముద్ద’ Chikki packaging cost will be more than the actual Chikki cost. Wasting public money for self-publicity!,” Raghu Rama Krishna Raju posted. Earlier the High Court rapped the Government for having party colors on Government buildings.

The Government even went to the Supreme Court against the order and had to repaint those buildings. But then, the Government still continues the self-publicity with party colors and CM’s photograph wherever possible.