Jagananna Is So Kindhearted Says TDP FansA few days ago, Andhra Pradesh Government giving 17 Lakh Rupees assistance to Kathi Mahesh from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund has drawn a huge uproar. Opposition has criticized the Government for helping their men when the Chief Minister’s Relief fund is actually for the poor.

The issue died down after Kathi Mahesh’s Demise. But then, it has come back once again. In a TV interview, Mahesh’s friend, Suresh has revealed that they are planning to lease a granite mine and do mining in Chitoor district. Mahesh and this person Suresh are 50-50 partners in the 20 hectares of mining.

While it is a different topic about how Mahesh can afford it, the latest discussion on social media is how the Government kept aside all the rules and helped a person who is so rich. Some are mocking the Chief Minister as so kindhearted when it comes to helping his own men.

Kathi Mahesh is a big support for the Ruling Party who helped YSR Congress a lot when they are in Opposition. Since 2019 elections, he openly campaigned for YSR Congress in every election after that.