Jagan Would Not Believe Own Eyes?TDP is on an upward swing all of a sudden. Right from Mahanadu, the party is gushing with energy and motivation.

After Mahanadu, Chandrababu Naidu went on a tour to Uttarandhra and received huge reception.

The other day, Nara Lokesh toured Palnadu and got a similar reception.

Uttarandhra and Palnadu are two different areas and nothing has changed.

Despite the heavy crowds, YSR Congress is in denial mode about something is wrong on the ground.

The party leaders and cadres are continuously trying to paint the picture of all is well.

TDP leaders and in-charges are not so active on the ground yet and there are no instances of them spending money on mobilizing crowds. That means a majority of the crowds are coming voluntarily.

This is in complete contrast to what is happening for the ruling party MLAs in the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

The Chief Minister would have access to multiple intelligence reports and also his Sakshi would give him access to an unedited video feed.

There are reporters for the channel across the state to give the real updates. But still, power seems to have blinded the Chief Minister.