Jagan Wasting RS Seat On Naidu's Failed Experiment?BCs are a strong support base of the Telugu Desam Party. The party has done so much for the upliftment of the BCs for the first time in the country.

It was NTR who introduced reservations for BCs and TDP has given opportunities to many BCs for the first time and made them leaders what they are today.

Jagan Mohan Reddy has been trying to dent that ever since 2017. A portion of that vote base voted for YSR Congress in the 2019 elections and as a result, TDP faced a humiliating defeat.

Even after 2019, Jagan is trying to appease the BCs in one way or the other to consolidate the vote bank.

Buzz is that he is planning to make BCs leader R Krishnaiah a Rajya Sabha MP for appeasing them.

But the question is if the plan works?

In 2014, Chandrababu Naidu did a similar desperate act with the same R Krishnaiah. He was brought into the party and was announced as the CM candidate with the hope that BCs will vote en masse for TDP.

But TDP only managed to win 12 seats in that election.

BCs or any community is like any other population. Even though they have a soft corner towards a party, it does not mean they will vote en masse based on optics against the tide.

BCs did not vote for TDP in 2014 in Telangana or 2019 in Andhra Pradesh. The general mood of those elections (2014-TRS and 2019-YSRCP) was reflected in their voting pattern as well.

Probably, Jagan is wasting a Rajya Sabha seat repeating Chandrababu’s failed experiment.