YS-JaganMinister Perni Nani, the other day, made sensational allegations about BJP trying to topple Jagan Government in Andhra Pradesh and wants to bring some Baba as Chief Minister. In politics, nothing has without a reason and so, these comments have become a sensation.

BJP Rajya Sabha MP GVL Narasimha Rao has come hard on YSR Congress. “Jagan is struggling to steer the government with loans. It looks like you are trying to divert the attention of the people by blaming the central government. When you are following a failed script of TDP, it means your frustration is in peaks,” he said.

“Your attitude is like ‘ఆడలేక మద్దెల మీద పడి ఏడ్చినట్లుంది’,” he criticized. Political experts are of the same opinion. “From the last couple of months, the political narrative is about the financial indiscipline of Andhra Pradesh and how investors are fleeing Andhra Pradesh. Probably, the ruling party wants media and people to discuss something else,” they opine.

But then, it sounds extremely unbelievable if someone says it is easy to topple a government that has won 151 out of the 175 seats in the state assembly.