Jagan Wants To Take Back 74 Acres Of Vizag AirportThe state government has previously given 74 acres of land to the defense authorities who maintain the Vishakapatnam airport.

In the view of construction of a Greenfield airport in Bhogapuram, the activity at Vishakapatnam Airport is likely to decrease and so, the state government wrote to the center to return the lands.

There is a criticism over the move since the land has been earmarked for parking of flights and the construction of internal roads. Since Vizag airport is a defense asset, this move can be risky.

Also, Bhogapuram airport did not move an inch ever since the new government changed. There is no clarity when it will start or when it will complete.

The anxiousness over taking back lands is not understandable. Vishakapatnam airport offficials say the center has sought details of the lands with airport.

“The issue of giving back the lands is not in the hands of us,” the officials say.