Jagan Wants Pawan Kalyan To Rescue Him?2019 had witnessed a one-sided election but it looks like 2024 is going to be different.

Halfway down the tenure, the anti-incumbency on Jagan is swiftly rising. 2024 is going to be a different ball game as things stand now.

If TDP and Janasena contest together, things will become more difficult.

At this time, YSR Congress seems to be hoping for something to happen. They want Pawan Kalyan to demand and get more seats so that TDP will not have enough seats.

Janasena can influence the win or loss of the parties in AP but can not win on its own. So, YSR Congress can aim to win as many seats as possible in the seats given to Janasena.

Earlier today, Minister Perni Nani in a Pressmeet gave a free advice to Pawan Kalyan.

“Pawan Kalyan should solve the demands of Janasainiks first. He should respect their anxiety and contest in at least 115 seats,” Perni Nani said.

If Janasena contests 115 seats, YSR Congress can almost near the majority in those seats itself irrespective of how many seats it gets in the seats of TDP.

That looks like the game plan for YSR Congress. The party is trying to push Pawan Kalyan and ensure that he gets as many seats as possible from TDP.