Jagan Wants Chandrababu To Do That?YS Jagan Mohan Reddy stormed to Power with a whopping 151 MLAs in the recent elections. This is like never before mandate in recent years. Only NTR’s Mandate in the 80s comes closer. With their enormous Power, YSR Congress MLAs are having a field run in the Assembly sessions.

They are targeting Chandrababu Naidu and are calling him all sorts of names. MLAs and Ministers are trying their level best to mock Chandrababu Naidu so as to impress their Leader. Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is also no less to his MLAs in this aspect.

Political Experts, however, say Jagan is doing it for a reason. “YSR Congress boycotted the Assembly for around two years to escape the supremacy of TDP. Back then, TDP used to claim that Jagan ran away from the house. YSR Congress now wants the same to happen with Chandrababu Naidu,” they see into this.

“Chandrababu should leave the house after feeling insulted. Jagan and his party would want to see that and enjoy. But Chandrababu knows it very well. It has to be seen if Naidu will give that chance to Jagan,” they added. Besides this, YSR Congress is also engineering defections so that Chandrababu loses the Opposition Leader Status.