Jagan Turns Blind Eye to Chandrababu Naidu Good WorkYS Jagan Mohan Reddy is out of that 15 days silence and is at it what he is best at – Criticizing Chandrababu Naidu. Besides the allegations of knowing Notes Ban in advance and converting his black money, Jagan also alleged that Chandrababu did nothing to Vishakhapatnam while Hudhud but compares it with the after effects of Demonetization.

Jagan also demanded that Chandrababu should write a letter to the Central government to reverse the Notes Ban immediately and announce the decision after taking enough corrective measures. But then fact is that the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister so far has written three letters to the Center over the steps to be taken for better implementation.

But then Jagan as always turned blind eye to what Chandrababu did. He further alleged Chandrababu tried to take the credit for Notes Ban initially but started to oppose Modi’s decision when people were angry with the implementation. But the fact is that Chandrababu always supported Notes Ban but only found fault with the bad implementation.