Jagan Trusts Allegations On Vijaysai Reddy In Vizag?
Opposition parties have been making allegations of land grabbing against Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy. The long-time associate of Jagan has been the party incharge of Uttarandhra.

He would run the entire show in Vishakapatnam, the proposed executive capital of the state.

As if the Chief Minister has taken note of these allegations, Vijaysai Reddy was discharged as the incharge of Uttarandhra. There are reports that YV Subba Reddy takes his place.

Jagan already appointed Vijaysai to supervise the party’s organizations like the youth wing, women’s wing, farmers’ wing, etc. He is confined to the party headquarters in Tadepalli these days.

There are rumors in the party that Jagan intentionally pulled him out of Vishakapatnam after all these controversies.

We are also hearing that Jagan may not renew Sai Reddy’s Rajya Sabha tenure saying that his services will be needed for the party with elections just two years to go.

In the recent cabinet rejig as well, Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy ran the show while Sai Reddy’s recommendations were not considered.