Jagan To Spend 75 Crore To Cover Previous Mistake!In the name of housing for the poor, Andhra Pradesh Government has purchases lands in many districts. However, purchasing 586.96 acres of Ava lands in East Godavari has become a huge controversy. These lands often get submerged even with simple rains. But the Government is still adamant.

Every time it rains, Opposition leaders have been staging protests showcasing the plight of beneficiaries allotted these lands. The issue already landed up in the High court and the court has ordered a status quo in these deals and payments.

The government finally seems to have realized and has decided to construct a Lift irrigation project to divert the water coming into these lands. Proposals have been prepared with an estimation of 74.6 Crore. However, experts informed the Government that it can be taken only after the Polavaram project is completed.

That means the beneficiaries have to wait for very long. Probably, the government should reprimand the officials who proposed and okayed this idea.