Jagan - Three Capitals andhra pradeshPopular local Newspaper in Nellore, Zameen Rythu came up with an exclusive story about Jagan’s review meeting of an investors’ summit planned in Vishakapatnam in March.

The Chief Minister reportedly told the ministers and the officials that they should stop pitching three capitals and moot Vishakapatnam as a single capital.

“It will be a shame if I go to elections without fixing the capital issue. Forget Amaravati and Kurnool, Vizag is the sole capital of Andhra Pradesh. We would say the same to the investors,” the Chief Minister reportedly told them.

The Chief Minister assumes that all the legal issues right now are due to the three capitals and they would all fall flat if say only one capital.

“As per the constitution, the state has every right to choose the capital and we are choosing Vishakapatnam,” the Chief Minister told them.

If this is true, it is going to be a crucial development for sure.

There are reports that the Chief Minister is planning to set up a camp office in Vishakapatnam very soon and start functioning from there.