Jagan-IPACThe MLC results of Andhra Pradesh have shaken the ruling party. We have seen the Chief Minister calling meetings in the name of the Gadapa Gadapaku program every now and then and reading out the survey reports of I-PAC.

The Chief Minister is reading out the names of performing and non-performing MLAs and the reports are coming in the media as well.

We have seen him make claims like Why Not 175? Why Not Kuppam? showing himself as extremely confident.

YSR Congress did not contest in Graduates MLC elections earlier. The survey reports clearly said YSR Congress will win with a bumper majority and so the party contested the elections.

But the results have given a rude shock to Jagan. That implies the Chief Minister is not getting the right Survey reports.

There are opinions that I-PAC can not go wrong but Jagan is tampering with the surveys to hide the reality from the public and the party MLAs.

Once there is a feeling of the party losing, MLAs will jump and public perception will drastically change to further erode the vote share.

But then, MLC results have made everything public.