Jagan Takes Back Route To Burden PeopleAndhra Pradesh People are shocked with their recent power bills in the name of True-up charges. Inflated power bills – almost double and triple in some cases have shocked the people. But it is not over yet. AP TRANSCO is gearing up to levy another 528.71 Crore Rupees burden on the people for the losses incurred in the past.

AP TRANSCO has asked APERC’s permission to pass on the burden to the end customers. Interestingly, the mandatory public hearing over these charges is happening in Hyderabad. If the hearing happens in Andhra Pradesh, there is a chance of people expressing their apprehensions.

But then, it is arranged in Hyderabad leaving no scope for debates or dissent. There is a stark criticism of these tactics of the Government. TRANSCO always takes home some losses on power charges but Governments ensure that they take the burden so that people do not feel the pinch.

But given the dire financial condition of Andhra Pradesh, there is no way but to pass on the burden to the people.