MLA YS Jagan Mohan ReddyStrange are the ways of Opposition Leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. In a bid to corner the state government, Jagan always try making statements of no sense. Anxious to trouble the government and angry on Sakshi getting blocked, Jagan called for a Press meet and lambasted the government all the way.

Jagan directly supported Mudhragada’s Deeksha saying that Chandrababu failed to keep up his promises and poked Kapu people to resort to violence and vandalism. He even asked why the government needs to arrest Mudragada when he is peacefully doing Deeksha in his house? Jagan however conveniently avoided the fact Mudragada is not doing Deeksha for Reservations now.

He is asking the government to cancel all the cases. Does Jagan support Violence and Vandalism? Is he asking the government to go easy on miscreants? Jagan did not mention any thing about his or his party stance on cases on those involved in Tuni Violence. He tried his best to divert the issue from the cases to Reservations.