Borugadda_Anil_Kumar_Jagan_Mahesh_Babu_Bharat_Ane_NenuOn many occasions, we have seen politicians and their supporters make a fool out of themselves by giving senseless or silly statements in front of the media. Recently, Jagan’s ardent supporter, Anil Borugadda, gave an interview on a YouTube channel.

During the interview, Anil said that Mahesh Babu’s Bharat Ane Nenu was based on Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan’s life. When the anchor said that Bharat Ane Nenu was released in 2018, whereas Jagan became Chief Minister in 2019, then how can he say that the makers of that film were inspired by Jagan’s life of becoming CM?

He realized that he had made a joke of himself, so he tried to cover his goof up and said that many films like Bharat Ane Nenu and Leader were based on the YSR family. The anchor seemed like she was enjoying his unintentional comedy.

YSRCP cadre members and supporters are infamous for making such silly statements and making a fool out of themselves on public platforms. This was Anil Borugadda’s B.Com-Lo-Physics moment.