Prashant-Kishor-YS JaganYS Jagan Mohan Reddy is clearly distressed ever since TDP registered shocking results in the MLC elections. There are no more tall talks of Why Not 175? and Why Not Kuppam? these days in the CM’s speeches.

We have seen him pleading with people to save ‘your bidda’. At this juncture, Jagan summoned Political Strategist Prashant Kishor to Tadepalli on Thursday. Sources say that Jagan is keen on a new campaign to change the fate in the next ten months.

PK is expected to submit a detailed report on Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam and Maa Nammakam Nuvve Jagan programs which lost steam in recent times. Maa Nammakam Nuvve Jagan, in particular, fizzed out very soon.

Our readers are already aware a leaked I-PAC Survey of Uttarandhra paints a very scary picture of YSR Congress’s condition in Uttarandhra.

The Political Strategist may submit a new survey report of Andhra Pradesh to Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Meanwhile, there is a strong buzz in the political circles that Jagan is contemplating going for early elections with Telangana so as not to give time to the Opposition. He may have summoned PK to know the opinion on the same.

In case PK gives go ahead, Jagan will have to convince Modi and Shah to have elections in December in Telangana and he will resign in October. Usually, two months is a short time for the conduct of elections but EC may not refuse if Jagan has the blessings of Modi and Amit Shah.