KCR YS JaganIf there is some one who is trying really hard for TRS win in Warangal, it got to be YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. YSR Congress was decimated in Telangana in the last elections and it managed only a handful of seats there. Jagan totally shifted his focus on to AP politics post the elections and barely even commented on Telangana government. The never ending Odarpu Yatra responsibility in Telangana was also thrust to his sister Sharmila and that do not get coverage even in Sakshi media.

There was not a single measure to strengthen the party in Telangana after the elections. That speaks volumes about Jagan’s interest on Telangana. But the opposition leader of AP never ceases to respond whenever TRS is in trouble. He is now on a whirlwind tour in Warangal to divide the anti-government vote as much as possible and help the ruling party. All of sudden he is making comments on KCR government in a bid to divide a fraction of opposition votes.

If Jagan is so serious about his criticism on the government, there should be a valid answer about why he issued a whip for his party MLAs to vote for ruling party candidates in MLC elections. In fact, YSR Congress did not even have a candidate in Warangal by-election. Even the current candidate Nalla Surya Prakash did not agree to contest until the party high command handed him over a cheque of 25 Lakhs as election expenses.