Maa-Nammakam-Nuvve-Jagan-Sticker-to-housesYS Jagan Mohan Reddy is continuously in stickers mode these days. Only a few days ago, we have seen the ruling party instructing the volunteers to past ‘Nuvve Maa Nammakam Jagan’ stickers on the houses of welfare schemes beneficiaries. Now they have gone a step ahead.

A new scheme ‘Jagananne Maa Bhavishyatu’ has been launched and the stickers with that slogan will be pasted on mobile phones of all welfare scheme beneficiaries across the state.

Even though they say it is with the consent of the owners, at ground level, it is different.

Beneficiaries are being forced and volunteers are giving the impression that the stickers are a must or the welfare schemes will be canceled.

However, these sticker schemes are likely to backfire on the Government.

The poor and the middle-class work hard to make a living. The heads of the families and in many cases, the ladies also work to make a respectable living for their families.

The bread-earners – the men and women are the real nammakam and bhavishyattu of their families but not some Chief Minister or minister who does electoral politics.

Over-riding the real bread-earners and pasting stickers – ‘Maa Nammakam Nuvve Jagan’ and ‘Jagananne Maa Bhavishyatu’ is nothing but hurting their self-respect.

Jagan is almost in the motive of taking ownership of people and families just because he gave them some schemes. Imagine constructing a house with money earned and saved in the life sporting sticker saying ‘Nuvve Maa Nammakam Jagan’.

Imagine taking the ‘Jagananne Maa Bhavishyatu’ on mobile phones everywhere indicating to the people that their future is completely dependent on Government freebies as if they are good for nothing.

“We are not living in a monarchy where the King is the present, past, and future of the people. Jagan should come out of this fascist mentality,” political experts say.