YS-Jagan-Amaravat-HappyNest-ProjectJagan Government had scrapped the prestigious Happy Nest project in Amaravati. During the previous government, people enthusiastically bought flats in the Happy Nest project.

People and NRIs have invested big time in this project but the works did not progress after the government changed.

Many invested to have a house in the capital. Some NRIs have invested here expecting the capital boom to give good returns.

There was some initial Hungama in the name of Reverse Tendering but nothing happened.

The owners of the flats approached RERA saying that the construction was not going on as per the agreement signed with CRDA on the Happy Nest project.

In this order, the CRDA commissioner wrote a letter to the owners that they can take back the deposits made as per the instructions given by RERA.

The commissioner said that the contractor is yet to be appointed for the construction of the Happy Nest project.

Letters to this effect have been received today from the owners of the flats.

The letter said those still interested can wait further.

It is unlikely anyone would remain and the project is going to be shelved forever.