Jagan Sounds Like Chandrababu Naidu in Special Status IssueAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Designate, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy gave an interview to a Regional Version of an International Media house and made some interesting comments about the Special Status. Jagan sounded like he almost gave up on the issue of Special Status and most of his arguments are very similar to what Chandrababu made back then.

Jagan said it would have been a reality if BJP is confined to 250 seats but they have got the majority on their own. “They do not need us but we need us due to Deficit Budget. We can only keep asking them,” Jagan said. When the interviewer reminded about his call for agitation demanding Special Status, Jagan came up with an interesting answer.

“What can we do now? You please tell me what to do? Advise me about it. I am ready to accept it. What should we do now?” is the reply of Jagan. It is the decision of you as a Chief Minister, the interviewer reminded but Jagan said there is no solution this and we can only keep asking them.

The problems which Jagan is telling are very much similar to what Chandrababu has been telling for so long. Jagan did not buy those reasons when in Opposition and got benefitted. Finally, we can conclude that the Special Status issue has been put in the backburner.