Jagan Vijaysai ReddyOf late, there has been a talk that Vijayasai Reddy has been slowly sailing away from YCP. Incidentally, the argument has gained momentum after Vijayasai Reddy was stripped off the YCP affiliated wings coordinator post by Jagan. This happened today. Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy has replaced Vijayasai in the said post.

As per a few reports, Jagan is not pleased with Vijaysai as he’s said to be agitated by Vijayasai’s recent acts when he attended Tarakaratna’s final rites.

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Usually, Vijayasai is a cutthroat politician. He’s even more aggressive than Jagan when it comes to verbally dealing with YCP’s political opponents. He’s been with Jagan right from the beginning as well. But all this accounted for nothing as Jagan appears to be furious with Vijayasai over the fact that he was seen at Tarakaratna’s final rites and had courtesy interactions with Chandrababu, NTR, and others.

Vijaysai is a close relative of Tarakaratna as the latter’s wife, Alekhya is the daughter of his wife’s sister. So, it was basic human decency of him to be there for his family. It is only humane for him to set aside politics in the hour of crisis when his family needed it the most.

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But as it appears, Jagan lacks even these basic human sentiments as he has started to cut down on Vijaysai’s importance in YCP. He has already stripped the latter off a party post and there might be more such humiliating incidents in the future, as it appears.

Setting aside politics and acting like a human in hour of crisis is the least a man can do and Vijayasai did the same. But Jagan doesn’t appear to be in approval of it.

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TDP leaders are now commenting that Jagan is so shrewd that he let go off his stater Sharmila for just asking a post in the government and him letting go off Vijayasai doesn’t come as too big of a surprise now.