Nara Chandrababu Naidu is all set to sworn in as the first Chief Minister of the newly-created state of Andhra Pradesh on Sunday evening at 7.27 p.m. The historic event is going be a grand affair with as many as 8 CMs were invited to maintain good terms so that they may not object center’s help to AP, and about five lakh people attending the event in 70-acre site in between Vijaywada-Guntur. While the populace of new born-state kept colossal trust in proven leader Naidu, YSRCP head Jagan continues to play his blame game, Firstly, he blamed people for voting for Naidu’s false promises and now he blames, the extravagant event is unnecessary for the state overlooking the greater benefits.

This is where the difference between the experienced leader like Naidu and novice politician Jagan clearly stands out. Lokesh along with TDP clarifies why this important occasion must be a done in a grand way and important for the newly conceived state.

When a new state is born, attracting industries and sending feelers that the sate is an industry friendly is a priority and this historic event will in turn grab the much required attention towards the state. Commenting on YS Jagan’s allegation on money spending on the event, Lokesh challenged Jagan to show public where TDP is spending 30Crs for the event, he further said, when CBN took oath as CM twice before, it was a calm occasion both times, yet this time the newly conceived state ought to pull in the eyeballs of the both political bigheads and industrialists for the future prospects of the state, said Lokesh. On the other side, TDP spokes men said, every thing Jagan does and talk spins around money, people are celebrating this event for saving the sate from the most corrupted man of India.