Jagan Shows Door Out To Loudmouth Minister?Kodali Nani and Anil Kumar Yadav are loudmouth ministers in Jagan’s cabinet. More than anything, Jagan uses them to hit the Opposition below belt. Anil is given the crucial water resources ministry after YSR Congress came to power in the 2019 elections.

Anil in the last one month or so has become silent all of sudden. Former Minister Devineni Uma made a challenge to him regarding the Polavaram project but he did not respond. The Minister is going to Nellore district but is silently coming back to Amaravati without much noise.

ABN had run a story that Jagan had already informed Anil that he is going to miss the cabinet berth in the next expansion. So, the disappointed leader has chosen to become silent. Buzz is that the cabinet expansion will take place after the districts’ reorganization. That means the cabinet expansion may happen around Ugadi time.

Jagan plans to have one minister for each district. The Chief Minister already indicated that most of the existing ministers will have to make way for others after half of the term.