Jagan-Comedian-AliAli was with Telugu Desam Party for a long time. He ditched the party just before the elections and joined YSR Congress. He campaigned for the party across the state back then.

At that time, Ali in various interviews mentioned that he wanted to become a minister to help his fellow Muslims. In an interview, he was specifically asked if he will adjust with an MLA ticket but he said No.

Back then, Jagan said Ali joined too late and refused the ticket. He was promised a Ministry berth via MLC. But it was forgotten after coming into power.

Ali did not get a chance for three and a half years. Earlier there were leaks, he will be sent to Rajya Sabha and will be appointed as Wakf Board Chairman.

But nothing happened. He was finally made a Government Adviser and was not given a cabinet rank. The video of Ali’s past interviews of tall claims is going viral on social media.

Ali already burned bridges with TDP and Janasena. So, he adjusted and thanked Jagan for this namesake post.

“At least, he gave something as a face-saver,” Ali is saying to his close people.

Ali has got two years term but if Jagan loses in 2024, he will have to vacate the post midway.