YS-Jagan-Should-Start-Showing-His-Other-SideYS Jagan Mohan Reddy is already More than a month old as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The Chief Minister is currently fully focused on implementing his Navaratnas, the Nine Promises he made to the people before the elections. All these are various Welfare Schemes and Jagan is yet to reveal his plans for the development activities.

All the promises of Jagan are extremely stressful on the State Treasury and there are apprehensions that if there would be any funds left for development works if everything is exhausted on Welfare Activities. Jagan will also lose huge money if he implements the Liquor Prohibition.

Even though it is too early to write off Jagan on that front, it’s high time he starts work on that front. Reports are emerging that the State Government will keep the works of Amaravati in the backburner with meagre allocations. The upcoming state budget will give us an idea.

There are reports that Jagan is feeling Navaratnas as his only obligation to the People and people would not ask him questions on Capital and Development which is definitely not true. People will always need a balance between Welfare and Development. They take the decision on the next Government keeping both the things in mind when they go out to Vote in 2024.