The first sessions of Assembly got heated with Chandra Babu Naidu and Jagan Mohan Reddy taking on each other. While TDP referred to corruption during YSR regime, Jagan countered that per capita income during CBN’s regime is just 25321 while now it is 89000. Yanamala ridiculed that Jagan is endorsing Congress regime. Jagan also mentioned that Andhra Pradesh has all sorts of resources and speaking about revenue deficit will only mean the Chief Minister is disappointing people.

However Chandra Babu strongly countered Jagan’s maiden speech in Assembly. He mentioned that Jagan’s inexperience is clearly evident in his address and he should come prepared to the Assembly. He said that its time we get as much as help from Central government and if the leader of opposition says every thing is fine. Center will back out from helping the state. He also ridiculed that Jagan fought for Samayikya Andhra telling that injustice is done for Seema Andhra but is now telling every thing is fine with the 13 districts of new Andhra Pradesh. He mentioned that Jagan is sending wrong signals to the Center and doing injustice to the state,