Jagan Should Also Mark Attendance!Janasena Party PAC Chairman Nadendla Manohar made critical comments about the Jagan Government’s harassment of the teachers.

“There is a conspiracy to remove teachers from Government schools and hand over teaching to private companies like Byjus. Hence the teachers are being harassed,” Nadendla Manohar said.

Jagan never comes to the Secretariat and only confines to his house. His attendance to the Secretariat is zero. But he deducts one day leave to teachers if they mark their attendance even one minute late,” he added.

“The government has decided to make teachers look like enemies to the people by forcing them to take holidays in the name of attendance. The government is harassing the teachers because they are questioning the salaries they are entitled to and the cancellation of the CPS promised in the elections,” he said.

“The government should put aside meaningless face recognition apps and asking to take pictures. Janasena’s party condemns these actions. Teachers should be restricted to teaching duties only,” Manohar demanded.