Jagan Should Accept Defeat To Avoid More DamageIt is peak summer in Andhra Pradesh and temperatures are soaring. Humidity is also very high and at the same time, Jagan Government dropped a bomb on the people.

There is an acute shortage of power in the state. In the name of the coal shortage, the government is struggling to purchase power and supply it to the consumers.

The cash-strapped Government could not bid for power as rates are very high in the open market. To ease the burden, the government is going for Emergency Load Relief.

That means whenever the demand is high, the Government will implement power cuts. But then, this has become a problem because there is no fixed pattern in power cuts leaving the people high and dry.

The irregular pattern is because the government expects the people to take the power cuts as not regular and due to some routine maintenance issue. That is because there is never a power cut between 2014-19.

The Government does not want people to feel Chandrababu’s rule is better. However, people are growing impatient with these irregular power cuts. More than the power cuts, irregular timings are irking the people.

The best way out is to accept that there is a problem and impose regular power cuts instead of troubling people with irregular timings. People are anyways not innocent to believe there is no problem.

Imposing regular power cuts means accepting defeat but that would at least prevent more damage.