Undavalli Interview YS Jagan YSRCPUndavalli Arun Kumar who declares himself as a big well-wisher of the YSR Family has given a bad review for YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s rule so far. “According to me, I did not like his ruling at all. Disastrous. But people who are getting freebies are happy. But it is no easy task to continue that so long,” Undavalli said.

“But the problem is that money will not grow on trees. He is going in the wrong direction. He has just started taxing people. If you give someone money, it is obviously taking that from someone. That someone will be unhappy again. It may cost an election if that goes on,” Undavalli analyses.

“Everything is in complete shambles. There is zero investment in infrastructure. It looks like Jagan is trying to sell cinema tickets and mutton to earn money. He is of the opinion that it is to forget about the state and consolidate the vote bank. I can not see this freebies happening until the elections. But he can still do it if he sells everything to make money,” he added.

“Prohibition and sand policy are the biggest failures of Jagan. The government is saying liquor consumption has decreased but it has not decreased. People are resorting to smuggled liquor and spurious liquor which is dangerous. The sand policy is a disaster. Entire Real estate and the jobs dependent on the Real estate are struggling. These are two issues affecting people daily,” he said.

Undavalli also made corruption allegations directly on Jagan in relation to Sand. “The local leaders are not making money because I can see they are also purchasing Sand at the same rate. Contractors are lamenting they are making no money and have to give the cuts to higher-ups. If MLAs and MPs are not involved, obviously, it is going to Jagan. Sand Policy is easy to correct. If it is not doing that because it is either corrupt or inefficient,” Undavalli alleges.