Why Jagan Can Not Scrap The Council?A Report in Eenadu suggested that the State Government is rethinking on its Decision to scrap the council. In a meeting, the Ministers reportedly asked Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy not to resort to hasty decisions as it will damage our own prospects in the long term.

“It is better to grab the MLCs from TDP and change the Chairman. We will anyway be the majority in the council by 2021. Scrapping it now will only detrimental for us,” the Ministers tried to explain the Chief Minister. Jagan reportedly told them that he is okay provided there is a safe passage of bills in the council until 2021.

“The MLCs of TDP who will lose their posts are worried about their future if the Council is scrapped. They are vulnerable now,” the Ministers told the CM. A final decision on the Council is likely to be taken on the 27th of this month in the Cabinet Meeting. If they decide in favor of scrapping, they will move the resolution on the same day.

Already the ruling party was able to grab three MLCs from TDP. Dokka Manikya Varaprasad indirectly helped the Ruling Party by abstaining to the Council meetings. Two other MLCs – Pothula Sunitha and Sivanadha Reddy voted in favor of the Government.