YS-Jagan_Pawan-KalyanYS Jagan Mohan Reddy always tries to downplay the Pawan Kalyan factor. Whenever he or his party men speak about Pawan Kalyan, it is only about three marriages or Packages.

The strategy worked for YSR Congress to a large extent during the 2019 elections. People already do have doubts about Pawan Kalyan’s commitment to politics.

The non-serious handling of Jagan added to that and defeated Janasena’s purpose in the 2019 elections. Pawan Kalyan going back to doing films made things worse.

But all the planning done by YSR Congress got foiled. We do not know if Jagan took the wrong step in a fit of anger or if someone misguided him. But the way how the Government handled Pawan Kalyan has misfired totally.

For the first time, Jagan sent a message that Pawan Kalyan is a serious politician and he does fear him. When a CM fears, automatically it will add to Janasena’s advantage.

Also, these non-stop press meets abusing Pawan Kalyan and this kind of treatment sent a message to the fans and Kapu community that their icon is being insulted.

The polarization will consolidate support for Janasena. If Pawan Kalyan plans it well from here, this is the biggest favor Jagan has done.

Pawan Kalyan should pursue issues perfectly from here. If he goes back to Hyderabad and gets busy with film shootings, the momentum will be lost.

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