Jagan Reminding Chandrababu Of 2019The CBI is making more and more arrests in the case of abusing the judges of the High Court. The problem with this case is that some of the big names of YSR Congress social media cell are getting behind the bars. As a result, the party is getting weak on social media.

Even though a few of these members were out on bail, they are staying out of social media because of family pressures and legal cases. There has been an impression that the party and the government are doing so little to help them fight the legal cases. Some of these people have direct contacts to the party headquarters but could not receive any help.

The rest of the social media supporters are also becoming wary of the situation. They feel if this is the condition of the main contributors of the social media wing, no one would come to their rescue when in need. This attitude will be a big problem for the party with elections just two years to go. Social media has played a crucial role in YSR Congress’s 2019 victory.

Back then, TDP did not care much about its social media supporters. Jagan seems to be traveling in the same boat despite knowing the importance.