Jagan Refused Appointment Thrice For YCP Supporting ActorActor Suman is not relevant in films or politics for many years. But he keeps coming before the media every now and then and speaking about politics.

Suman is a big supporter of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Every time he speaks something positive about Jagan, Sakshi makes a splurge of them on TV and in the Newspaper.

But then, Suman says that he is seeking the appointment of the Chief Minister for a long time but in vain.

He attended the first Vardhanthi function of Nirmala, wife of Dhulipalla Devendra, President, All India Suman Fans Association in P. Nainavaram, Vijayawada Rural.

Speaking to the media, Suman said, “I am not in any party right now. I have tried at least three times to get the appointment of the Chief Minister but could not get it”.

More than a dozen actors have lent their support to YSR Congress in the 2019 elections and many of them even campaigned.

Except for 1-2, everyone is disappointed by Jagan’s attitude and administration and left the party.

It is the case even someone like Mohanbabu who is also a relative of Jagan Mohan Reddy.