Jagan Puts Amaravati On SaleAndhra Pradesh Government is seeking a loan of 2995 Crore from the banks in the name of the development of Amaravati. According to the proposal, this loan is for the development of Trunk infra and layouts of the plots of farmers who gave their lands in the LPS scheme.

The Government proposes to repay the loan by selling the lands of Amaravati. A story in Andhrajyothy claims that most of the works stated in the proposal are already completed by the previous government. The plan is to divert the money for other uses of the Government.

But then, Amaravati will have to repay the loan with its lands. Most likely the issue will land in courts. It is an easy guess that Government would not allow the sale of the lands without fulfilling the promises made to the farmers who gave the lands. Probably, this is the reason why the Government withdrew the three capitals bills and cleared all the legal hurdles around Amaravati.

Farmers who have given over 33,000 acres for Amaravati, mostly small farmers, continue to suffer ever since the Government changed in 2019. For the most part of the last two and a half years, they are on roads agitating for their rights and for the only mistake of them for trusting the Government.