YS-jagan-mla-rojaAfter a lot of hard work, Roja managed to win in Nagari in the third time. However the happiness seem to be not lasting long. With high court’s latest ruling, Roja is almost certain to face the one year suspension from AP Assembly. In the process, she will also lose all the allowances and protocol benefits she is entitled as an MLA.

This will mean that Roja will lose the grip on her constituency for one year. This is a severe problem for any politician and it is for that reason, the remaining YSR Congress MLAs apologized for their behaviour and avoided suspension. But Roja did not do so. It is reliably learnt through some sources in YSRCP is that Roja at one stage wanted to apologize.

But Jagan warned her against that since it would send a message that YSR Congress is at wrong in this whole episode. Now every one will forget this after the budget session. Only Roja will be the loser at the end. We will have to see if she utilizes her last chance and escape the punishment by apologizing.