Jagan, Practise Before You PreachThe other day, TDP MLAs have protested against the Governor’s speech in AP Assembly. There were reports that the Chief Minister was serious on TDP Deputy Floor Leader, Atchannaidu for causing disrespect to the Governor.

Jagan reminded Atchannaidu that the Governor is elder in age and is apolitical. Jagan totally has a point but then, TDP alleges that Jagan does not follow what he preaches.

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“Where are these sermons when Bhuvaneshwari garu much elder to Jagan and apolitical lady was abused in the house when the CM was smiling?” they are asking.

AP Assembly paid rich tributes to Minister Mekapati Gautham Reddy who passed away recently and the house was adjourned for the day as a mark of respect to him.

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That is also very good but then, the Chief Minister and the Speaker forgot to do the same for Former Minister Konijeti Rosaiah who passed away recently.

Rosaiah is a former Chief Minister, veteran politician, and has presented most budgets in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, he is a close aide of Jagan’s father, YSR.

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“Just because Rosaiah became the CM after YSR’s demise in the place of Jagan, the CM is angry. It is a custom followed in the house to pay tributes to such towering personalities. But was ignored to please the CM,” they allege.

“Jagan’s sermons are only for the opposition, not for him to follow. The entire administration of a state runs on Governor’s name. So, he is accountable. Practise before you preach,” they add.