heritage JaganJagan Mohan Reddy Government had aggressively promoted Amul to damage Chandrababu Naidu’s family-owned Heritage and Sangam Dairy. The Government even announced special incentivies to the farmers who sell their milk to the dairy which created a huge uproar.

But then, the plan seems to have backfired. Amul’s Andhra Pradesh stint seems to be going through a rough patch. According to a story in Andhrajyothy, 45% of the collection centers in Prakasam district are closed. The milk collection has fallen from 23,000 liters to 7,000 liters daily.

In many villages, the farmers are complaining about delayed and controversial payments. In some cases, the payments are not released even for months they claim. The farmers, despite the pressure from the officials, are going back to the old dairies due to easy and timely payments.

Sources say that the situation is more or less the same in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh.