Amit Shah - Tirupati - YSRCPYSRCP has a strange obsession. The party troops are always first in line when it comes to painting government buildings in YCP’s colours. That is the reason why almost every government building in Andhra Pradesh is painted in YCP’s flag’s colours.

Now, YCP had taken things to a new level as the party seniors who welcomed Union Home Minister and BJP bigwig Amit Shah at Tirupati airport today handed over flower bouquets with YCP’s colours imprinted on them to the senior politician.

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This really is strange move by the YCP troops. What purpose does handing over a YCP coloured flower bouquet serve? On top of that, it will most definitely irk the BJP troops and Amit Shah himself if he comes to know about it.

Running a central government kingpin on the wrong side with a senseless act is not the wisest of moves. If Amit Shah takes the issue seriously, it could spell disaster to YCP.

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