Diversions On RoadsAndhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Vidyadeevena scheme’s fourth phase has been launched today. The event was organized at Tirupuru in the NTR district. Jagan will be flying in a helicopter from Tadepalli to Tirupuru.

While this is not a matter of concern, what really stands as a sore point in this story is the fact that over-enthusiastic police have announced diversions on Sunday. Right from Ibrahimpatnam, the traffic will be directed for about 8 hours on Jagadalpur National Highway. The vehicles will be directed between morning 6 o clock and afternoon 2 o clock.

This will cause tremendous problems to those commuting on this route and naturally, this has caused irritation in many. Jagan will leave Tadepalli and fly to Vahini Engineering College at 10.30 in the morning. From there, he will reach the venue in 15 minutes by the main road of the town. Post-program, at 12.30, he will once again reach the helipad in 10 minutes and will then fly back to Tadepalli.

Now, the people are not happy that the CM is causing huge diversions for a mere half an hour program of his!