Motkupalli Narasimhulu -- YS JaganMothukupalli Narasimhulu who was recently suspended from the Telangana Wing of Telugu Desam Party is yet to make his future plans public. Narasimhulu wanted to join the ruling TRS party and has asked for Alair Assembly Ticket.

But then, KCR is very impressed with the sitting MLA, Gongidi Sunitha there and so is not keen on giving the seat. He clarified to Mothukupalli that he will be accommodated in some nominated post in future. Mothukupalli who was fed up with such promises in the past is not ready to buy it.

On the other side, Vijaya Sai Reddy met Narasimhulu the other day and was promised a Rajya Sabha seat after coming to Power if he takes up a yatra against Chandrababu in Andhra Pradesh. Jagan is hoping that such Yatra will woo Dalit voters towards YSR Congress.