YS Jagan Nero Moment Reviews Yatra While Silent on Narendra Modi VisitIn Roman History, there is a mention of Emperor Nero. For six days and seven nights, the citizens of ancient Rome watched helplessly as their city burned. The great fire that consumed Rome in A.D. 64 spread quickly and savagely. After it was over, 70 percent of the city had been destroyed. But then, Nero is a relaxed man and kept him busy with his Fiddle.

Something similar is happening in Andhra Pradesh as well. The State is on a boil as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting for a Public Meeting planned by BJP. Main Opposition Parties YSR Congress and Janasena are totally silent while the other parties are protesting across the state.

People are trending #GoBackModi Hashtag on Twitter. Jagan Mohan Reddy and Pawan Kalyan are yet to respond on this visit of PM Modi. Jagan went a step ahead and tweeted a Review of Yatra – The Biopic of his father, YSR while totally ignoring the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit and saying his stance about this visit.

On the other side, a few pictures of Autos using Jagan’s Posters with BJP flags are floating on Social Media. TDP fans claim that YSR Congress is mobilizing crowds for the meeting in Guntur. Even Minister Nara Lokesh has also tweeted about these pictures. YSR Congress and Janasena is doing themselves a great disservice with this behaviour.