YS Jagan along with his newly elected MPs have met the new Prime Minister a short while ago. Jagan who did not give a courtesy call congratulating Chandra Babu and KCR, flew to Gujarat to meet Modi. This move of Jagan comes as a big blunder. The YSRCP leader who enjoyed Minorities and SCs support immensely meeting Modi immediately will only mean cheating to those sections and this may prove costly to him.

Talking to media, Jagan also said he is never averse to Modi. He asserted that despite Modi not requiring any support, his party will give him issue based support. Experts say Jagan is making desperate bid to save himself from the CBI and ED cases. With Chandra Babu at the helm, life may be difficult to him so the young leader is making attempt to get Modi’s support. But will Modi forget the Jagan’s comment – “Whoever Modi/Ellayya/Pullayya may be the Prime Minister, we will decide it after election?”.