Jagans-Meeting-Girls-Made-To-Remove-DupattasWhenever YS Jagan Mohan Reddy comes to a public government, the authorities take utmost care to curb any chances of dissent or protest.

Firstly, the authorities get all shops in the area closed a day before and on the day of the meeting. Iron barricades are installed on either side of the road where the CM’s convoy is going.

And then, huge clothes are tied so that nothing is flung onto the convoy through the barricades. Schools and colleges are given holidays and buses are deployed for bringing people to the meeting.

All this happened on Monday when Jagan toured Narasapuram for the first time. But then, something disgusting happened too. The girls who attended the meeting wearing Black dupattas were asked to remove them and deposit them at a place.

They were asked to take them after the meeting. Many girls were very reluctant and the authorities did not allow them to go out or go inside wearing dupattas.

Asking girls to remove dupattas is nothing but insulting their modesty. This is highly objectionable and the Chief Minister should stop this practice immediately.

While the pictures and videos are all over the media, West Godavari police say nothing of such sort happened.