Jagan May Have Plotted Vivekananda Reddy MurderThe statements in YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case are out on public domain one after the other. In one statement, Viveka’s daughter, Sunitha alleged that Jagan refused to give an appointment for a family meeting to discuss the case.

He sent her to the then DGP Gautham Sawang who said the main suspects Avinash Reddy and Shankar Reddy are like two eyes to Jagan and they would only do technical analysis after stopping the investigation.

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Sunitha also mentioned that when she tried to approach the police before the elections, Bharati and Vijayamma stopped her saying that it would affect Jagan’s political career. Another important statement is – “Whenever I expressed doubt on Shiva Shankar Reddy, Jagan would immediately say your husband should also be suspected”.

“Once I approached the High Court, Bharathi stopped talking to me and Vijayamma remained silent,” Sunitha said to the CBI. Sunitha’s husband Rajasekhara Reddy also told the CBI that Jagan may have planned for Viveka’s murder for sympathy during the elections just like the Kodi Kathi incident.

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“There was a fabricated letter which was alleged to have been written by Viveka before his death. Only I and the police know about the letter. Jagan mentioned the letter to the media. That was the first time I got doubt on him. Several statements of mine were fabricated by the police even though I did not give them,” Rajasekhara Reddy told the CBI.

“One day Kadapa Ex-Mayor Suresh and Kamalapuram MLA P Ravindranath Reddy brought a police complaint letter in which TDP leaders Satish Reddy, B Tech Ravi, and Adinarayana Reddy were named as suspects. They wanted Sunitha to sign the complaint but she refused as she believed there is no evidence and it is a clear case of using the issue for political gain,” Rajasekhara Reddy revealed.

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