KTR JaganFor some reason, Jagan Mohan Reddy Government in Andhra Pradesh has some special interest in Amul. We have seen many stories of how the entire official machinery is forcing farmers to supply milk to Amul even though they are not interested.

And then, Amul is also allowed to use Government properties at places to set up its plants. While the Government supports Amul so much. It turns out to be one-sided love. The other day, Amul has entered into an MOU with Telangana Government to set up a plant worth ten lakh liters capacity.

This plant will provide direct employment to 500 people and indirect employment to close to 2000 people. The state of the Art Plant in Telangana, which will also be the largest in South India. Amul has ignored Andhra Pradesh completely in such a key investment.

This has turned out to be a massive embarrassment for Jagan Mohan Reddy Government. People are mocking Jagan. “It is like sharing a cow. One brother (AP) takes the front part and feeds it while another brother (Telangana) milks it and makes money by selling the milk,” someone on social ridicules.